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3V Ultra-thin battery CP502525 CP225040 CP224035 CP2544442 CP224147 CP305050 CP504644 CP505050 CP603450 Primary Battery

3V Ultra-thin battery CP502525 CP225040 CP224035 CP2544442 CP224147 CP305050 CP504644 CP505050 CP603450 Primary Battery

3V Ultra-thin battery CP502525 CP225040 CP224035 CP2544442 CP224147 CP305050 CP504644 CP505050 CP603450 Primary Battery

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: CP502525

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Price: Bargain
Packaging Details: Cartons/Pallets
Delivery Time: 10-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Non Rechargeable Cell Material: LiMnO2
Voltage: 3.0 Volt Capacity: 750mah
Terminals: Wires/pin/customized Shipment: Air/Sea/Express

No. Item Spec Note














Nominal Voltage





When shipping, the voltage without load is between3.05V and 3.25V.







Nominal Capacity





Nominal Capacity refer to the capacity of 1mA discharge to 2.0V cut-off voltage at 23℃.










Max.Discharge Current







At 25±2℃ the battery can discharge at

least the max continuous discharge value which rated capacity 50% can









Max. Discharge Current






At 23±2℃,battery discharge duration for 3

seconds and stand 27 seconds, it can discharge at least the max pulse discharge value which rated capacity 50% can permit





Discharge Cut-off














Operating Temperature





-20℃~ +60℃

Exceed the operating temperature range could lead to battery operating voltage reduction or even a security risk.




storage temperature


-5 ℃~+35℃ 3.05V ~ 3.25V



Storage life





Relative humidity

45~75%RH Temperature

-5 ℃~+35℃



Cell Weight


Approx: 7g





Self Discharge Rate






Out of the recommended condition, the self-discharge rate 2% may increase.







Assemblage Dimension



Length:26.0mm Max Width:26.0mm Max Thickness:5.1mm Max

Measured weight of 300gf at 25 ℃ ± 1

℃.Not including battery drawing line.




Application Field:


RFID BATTERY / ID card battery / Payment system battery etc


a. Civilian field: AMR of common instruments and CMOS circuit boards


b. Various smart meters: smart electric meters, water meters, heat meters and gas meters


c. Memories and standby power supplies: memory backup, clock power supplies and data backup power supplies


d. Radio alarm equipment/sensors: smoke alarms and temperature monitors


e. Remote monitoring systems: positioning devices and marine telemetry systems


f. Automotive electronics: tire pressure monitoring systems


g. Industrial field: automation instrumentations and equipment, oil wells, mines, medical equipment, burglar alarm, wireless communication, sea survival, etc.


h. Modern national defense and military fields: aviation, spaceflight, marine electronics, air-sea-land weapons, etc.



LiSOCL2 energy type and power type:

ER10250, ER10280,ER10450, ER13150, ER13170, ER14250, ER14335, ER14505, ER17335, ER17505, ER18505, ER20505,ER26500, ER34615, ER341245,ER9V and more ...

LiMnO2 energy type and power type:

CR10250, CR10450, CR14335, CR14505, CR17285, CR17335, CR17450, CR17505, CR10450, CR18505, CR20505, CR26500, CR26600, CR34615, CR123A, CR2,CR9V...

Soft pack LimnO2 battery type:

CP042922 CP042345 CP0453730 CP263638 CP265040 CP092142

CP104848 CP142828 CP153030 CP155050 CP2012120 CP202850

CP224035 CP223045 CP224147 CP265045 CP264558 CP305050

CP401720 CP401922 CP405050 CP451728 CP502525 CP502440

CP503742 CP504644 CP505050 CP602026 CP701725 CP783970

CP7839109 CP802060 CP952434 CP1003742 CP383040 CR9V


LU's battery is an experienced supplier of batteries specialized in the production of rechargeable and primary Lithium batteries.
Includes aluminum case Lithium-ion batteries, Li-polymer batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, LiSOCL2 battery, LiMnO2 battery and custom-designed battery packs, mobile phone battery.
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